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Ethiopia’s Top 10 most Independent news websites of 2009

Every year the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) recognizes the top 10 most independent and professional Ethiopian news websites in the world. EMAI believes media independence and balance is vital for the development of a democratic, tolerant and peaceful society. Due to this, impartiality in media is an important quality most people and the international community honors the most in the 21st century.

Last week, the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) recognized the 25 most influential and popular Ethiopian media outlets in the world. For this year, Ethiopian Review and Nazret.com were the top 2 popular websites among the 25 top performers.

In selecting the top 10 independent news websites, EMAI monitors and analyzes if a media practices censorship on different and diverse economic, political, religious and social views or articles. The 10 Ethiopain news websites that practice “THE MOST BALANCE” in their reporting are honored by this annual EMAI award.

Below are the top 10 news websites ranked based on their independence and balance in reporting during 2009.

1. Nazret.com
2. Addis Fortune
3. Tadias.com
4. Jimma Times
5. Addis Neger (defunct)
6. EthiopiaFirst.com
7. Awramba Times
8. CapitalEthiopia.com
9. EthioPolitics.com
10. AddisAdmass.com

EMAI is the premier organization dedicated to assisting, awarding, monitoring and developing Ethiopian media outlets around the world.


Ethiopia’s Top 25 most popular media of 2009

Every year the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) recognizes the 25 most influential and popular Ethiopian media outlets in the world. This year, the two top websites Ethiopian Review and Nazret.com squared off and left the field behind by becoming two of the most visited African websites. In the end, EthiopianReview.com took the lead and became the #1 Ethiopian website in the world.

EMAI congratulates the top 25 best Ethiopian news websites listed below. To qualify for the EMAI ranking, the news media must be Ethiopia-focused, without automatic/computerized feeds, it must be news-focused, attain high traffic and have some original reports of its own.

The following 25 media sources have received the 2009 EMAI awards for the most popular Ethiopian news websites of the year.


1. Ethiopian Review
2. Nazret.com

3. Ethiomedia.com
4. Ethiopian Reporter
5. ethioforum.org
6. Abbaymedia.com
7.  abugidainfo.com
8.  Tadias Magazine
9.  ecadforum.com
10.  Jimma Times
11.  Ethiopia Zare
12.  Addis Fortune
13. Walta Information Centre
14.  Ethiopiafirst.com
15. addisvoice.com
16. Ethiopian News Agency/ENA
17.  Aigaforum.com
18. Gadaa.com
19. Addis Admass News
20. EthioLion.Com
21.  Capital Ethiopia
22. Opride.com
23. Ssinformer.com
24. Ethioguardian.com
25. Horizonethiopia.com
(World ranking as of December 20,2009 is used from Alexa.com)

1. Ethiopian Review 54,547
2. Nazret.com 72,526
3. Ethiomedia  189,030
4. Ethiopian Reporter 305,366
5. ethioforum.org 324,890
6. Abbaymedia.com 353,244
7. abugidainfo.com  374,525
8. Tadias Magazine 479,741
9. ecadforum.com 494,730
10. Jimma Times 563,880

11. Ethiopia Zare 584,760
12. Addis Fortune  614,560
13. Walta Information Centre  629,315
14. Ethiopiafirst.com 650,354
15. addisvoice.com 690,756
16. Ethiopian News Agency – ENA 716,277
17. Aigaforum.com  723,695
18. Gadaa.com  798,380
19. Addis Admass News 875,357
20. EthioLion.Com 960,401
21. Capitalethiopia.com 1,348,855
22. Opride.com 1,690,046
23. Ssinformer.com  1,313,692
24. Ethioguardian.com 1,760,262
25. Horizonethiopia.com 2,458,266

80-year old father of Ethiopia opposition official gets life in prison

The 80-year old father of Ginbot 7 Movement Secretary General Andargachew Tsige is among the 33 individuals who received life in prison sentence yesterday in Ethiopia. Ato Tsige Habatemariam had a heart-bypass surgery recently and suffers from a number of other ailments.

As reported earlier, the kangaroo court handed out death sentence on Ato Melaku Tefera, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Ato Andargachew Tsigie, Ato Muluneh Eyuel, Ato Mesfin Aman. Ato Melaku Tefera, a member of the UDJ was in court for the verdict. The others are sentenced in absentia.

According to ENA, the following 33 of individuals who were charged with plotting to dismantle “the constitution and the constitutional order in clandestine operation,” received life in prison:

General Tefera Mammo
General Asaminew Tsige
Col. Demisew Anteneh
Major Mekonen Worku
Ato Abere Assefa
Col. Alemu Getnet
Col. Solomon Ashagire
Col. Getachew Birile
Capitain Temesgen Bayleyegn
Col Fantahun Muhaba
Major Mesekere Kassa
Capitain Misganaw Tessema
Ato Kifle Sinishaw
Ato Yeshiwas Mengesha
Ato Mengistu Abebe
Wz. Emawayish Alemu
Ato Goshyirad Tsegaw
Sgt. Amerar Bayabil
Sgt. Gobena Belay
Sgt. Yibelital Birhanu
Sgt. Yeshiwas Mitiku
Ato Wudneh Temesgen
Ato Getu Worku
Ato Tsige Habatemariam

Sentenced in absentia:

Col. Alehubel Amare, Deputy Commander of Agazi Special Forces
Ato Yaregal Yimam
Ato Daniel (?)
Ato Aweke Afework
Ato Ephrem Mandebo
Ato Daniel Assefa
Ato Chekol Getahun
Ato Fasil Yenealem
Ato Derje Habitewold

Sentenced to 10 years
Ato Adugna Alemayehu
Ato Adefris Asaminew

The kangaroo court also ordered properties of the following individuals to be confisicated:

Col. Alehubel Amara
Dr. Birahu Nega
Ato Getu Worku
Ato Yaregal Yimam
Ato Andargachew Tsige


Thousands of Ethiopians protest in London

Tedla Asfaw – VOA of Addisu Abebe interviewed (April 2) Ato Wondimu Mekonen from London and two gentlemen from Switzerland and Sweden on phone while the condemnation of Meles Zenawi was heard on background by huge crowd of Ethiopians who came from all over Europe.

The rush by TPLF’s Aiga, Ben of “belly first” including http://www.nazret.com and stick to the one minute video clip of OLF and ONLF and try to ignore the video clip of BBC’s own four minutes video clip is disgusting and non professional, fake journalism.

The millions of Ethiopians back home got the truth through VOA and the TPLF’s TV can show the Gambella and Ogaden butcher dinning with the queen and cheering behind the scene for his financiers. Not hanging the photo of Meles with G20 leaders might be punishable by jail.

The truth of the matter is none of the G20 leaders dare to visit Ethiopia because Ethiopians never welcome those who sided with their tormentors. That was why George Bush never touch the soil of Ethiopia and why Tony Blair was not welcomed by Ethiopians.

There will not be any official visit of Ethiopia by Obama or other respected world leaders because they know very well that any government sponsored welcoming ceremony could easily turn to anti-Meles rally that will shame both the host and the guest.

A tyrant who is despised by his own people will never get any respect in foreign land and when the last day comes no one comes to his rescue either.

We thank you, the thousands who protested today and stand with the millions of Ethiopians.The flags you waved on London street were seen by all including the G20 leaders.