Ethiopia’s Top 10 most Independent news websites of 2009

Every year the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) recognizes the top 10 most independent and professional Ethiopian news websites in the world. EMAI believes media independence and balance is vital for the development of a democratic, tolerant and peaceful society. Due to this, impartiality in media is an important quality most people and the international community honors the most in the 21st century.

Last week, the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) recognized the 25 most influential and popular Ethiopian media outlets in the world. For this year, Ethiopian Review and were the top 2 popular websites among the 25 top performers.

In selecting the top 10 independent news websites, EMAI monitors and analyzes if a media practices censorship on different and diverse economic, political, religious and social views or articles. The 10 Ethiopain news websites that practice “THE MOST BALANCE” in their reporting are honored by this annual EMAI award.

Below are the top 10 news websites ranked based on their independence and balance in reporting during 2009.

2. Addis Fortune
4. Jimma Times
5. Addis Neger (defunct)
7. Awramba Times

EMAI is the premier organization dedicated to assisting, awarding, monitoring and developing Ethiopian media outlets around the world.


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