80-year old father of Ethiopia opposition official gets life in prison

The 80-year old father of Ginbot 7 Movement Secretary General Andargachew Tsige is among the 33 individuals who received life in prison sentence yesterday in Ethiopia. Ato Tsige Habatemariam had a heart-bypass surgery recently and suffers from a number of other ailments.

As reported earlier, the kangaroo court handed out death sentence on Ato Melaku Tefera, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Ato Andargachew Tsigie, Ato Muluneh Eyuel, Ato Mesfin Aman. Ato Melaku Tefera, a member of the UDJ was in court for the verdict. The others are sentenced in absentia.

According to ENA, the following 33 of individuals who were charged with plotting to dismantle “the constitution and the constitutional order in clandestine operation,” received life in prison:

General Tefera Mammo
General Asaminew Tsige
Col. Demisew Anteneh
Major Mekonen Worku
Ato Abere Assefa
Col. Alemu Getnet
Col. Solomon Ashagire
Col. Getachew Birile
Capitain Temesgen Bayleyegn
Col Fantahun Muhaba
Major Mesekere Kassa
Capitain Misganaw Tessema
Ato Kifle Sinishaw
Ato Yeshiwas Mengesha
Ato Mengistu Abebe
Wz. Emawayish Alemu
Ato Goshyirad Tsegaw
Sgt. Amerar Bayabil
Sgt. Gobena Belay
Sgt. Yibelital Birhanu
Sgt. Yeshiwas Mitiku
Ato Wudneh Temesgen
Ato Getu Worku
Ato Tsige Habatemariam

Sentenced in absentia:

Col. Alehubel Amare, Deputy Commander of Agazi Special Forces
Ato Yaregal Yimam
Ato Daniel (?)
Ato Aweke Afework
Ato Ephrem Mandebo
Ato Daniel Assefa
Ato Chekol Getahun
Ato Fasil Yenealem
Ato Derje Habitewold

Sentenced to 10 years
Ato Adugna Alemayehu
Ato Adefris Asaminew

The kangaroo court also ordered properties of the following individuals to be confisicated:

Col. Alehubel Amara
Dr. Birahu Nega
Ato Getu Worku
Ato Yaregal Yimam
Ato Andargachew Tsige



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