Thousands of Ethiopians protest in London

Tedla Asfaw – VOA of Addisu Abebe interviewed (April 2) Ato Wondimu Mekonen from London and two gentlemen from Switzerland and Sweden on phone while the condemnation of Meles Zenawi was heard on background by huge crowd of Ethiopians who came from all over Europe.

The rush by TPLF’s Aiga, Ben of “belly first” including and stick to the one minute video clip of OLF and ONLF and try to ignore the video clip of BBC’s own four minutes video clip is disgusting and non professional, fake journalism.

The millions of Ethiopians back home got the truth through VOA and the TPLF’s TV can show the Gambella and Ogaden butcher dinning with the queen and cheering behind the scene for his financiers. Not hanging the photo of Meles with G20 leaders might be punishable by jail.

The truth of the matter is none of the G20 leaders dare to visit Ethiopia because Ethiopians never welcome those who sided with their tormentors. That was why George Bush never touch the soil of Ethiopia and why Tony Blair was not welcomed by Ethiopians.

There will not be any official visit of Ethiopia by Obama or other respected world leaders because they know very well that any government sponsored welcoming ceremony could easily turn to anti-Meles rally that will shame both the host and the guest.

A tyrant who is despised by his own people will never get any respect in foreign land and when the last day comes no one comes to his rescue either.

We thank you, the thousands who protested today and stand with the millions of Ethiopians.The flags you waved on London street were seen by all including the G20 leaders.



One response to “Thousands of Ethiopians protest in London

  1. Let us travel to Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit on 24-25 September, to demonstrate and protest the attendance of Meles Zenawi, the prime minister and dictator ruling Ethiopia for nearly two decades, who will be there in the capacity of the representative for Africa.As you all know, Meles Zenawi and the current Ethiopian regime has been responsible for unspeakable atrocities against masses of innocent civilians in many parts of Ethiopia, including genocide. But the international community allows him to operate with impunity because the regime is seen as a staunch ally in the “war on terror”. We strongly believe that he should not be graced and honoured by an appearance in such a high-level meeting in the United States, leave alone as “Africa’s voice”. Africa deserves better!For those near Los Angeles , California area the Ethiopian-American Entreprenuers Association(EAEA) have grunted funds to cover round trip air ticket from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and back to LAX on 09/26. If interested contact any of the sponsors near you.The sponsors are listed Tessema Dosho Shifferaw, Charlie Zawde, Elias Negash; Agonafer Shiferaw, Elias Wondimu; Leah Niederstadt and Asqual Teferi.For Exact departure time please contact Tel: 213-365-6651 Ext. 100
    Fax: 213 365 6670

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